ShopWorx Helps Stanford College Students Raise Funds for Student Groups and Activities

By | May 30, 2017

Colleges have many interesting ways of raising money, and even some of the best-funded institutions often rely on these with great success. In some cases, for example, funds for student groups and activities tend to be tough to come by, with other needs generally taking priority. Some colleges and universities have discovered that putting students in control of authorized, on-campus business can be an excellent way of raising money that can be disbursed toward such worthy causes. At Stanford University in California, for example, the usual campus store is staffed and run entirely by students, with proceeds from its sales going toward student groups and on-campus activities.

That alone would likely be of great value to those who attend the highly competitive college. At the same time, wasting money unnecessarily or failing to seize an opportunity to increase revenues could be costly, as well. In fact, the students who work at and manage the Stanford Student Store do so with an eye toward being as efficient and productive as possible. With every dollar they earn going to improve the experience of all students, the work they do can certainly pay off.

They achieve these lofty goals by making use of tools and approaches that can help any business. For example, one cornerstone of the Stanford Student Shop’s success has been a software suite designed to make it easier to run a silk-screening or digital printing company. This system called ShopWorx helps Stanford college students run a leaner, more efficient operation that generates much-needed funds for the clubs and activities they care about so much.

While not every college can make use of an option of this kind, the successes at Stanford show that there are clearly some interesting options to explore. In addition to finding innovative, effective ways of raising money, students often benefit from delving into means of enhancing the results they can generate. Along the way, they also often discover interesting career options and areas for further study that they otherwise might not have ever become aware of. That can be great news for all involved, including their fellow students and others who benefit from a campus with a lively environment that lacks none of the resources that might be wanted.